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Congenital Abnormalities of the Hand

Congenital anomalies are deformities that are present at birth and may become a challenge for the child as he or she grows. Hand deformities can be mostly restricting as the child learns to interact and relate with the environment while using his or her hands. There are many degrees and classifications of deformities, including:

  • duplication or undergrowth of digits
  • failure of part of the hand to develop properly or at all while the baby is in the womb (e.g. missing part of the arm bone)
  • failure of parts of the hands to separate (e.g. fusion of two or more fingers)
  • congenital constriction band syndrome, which happens when a band forms around a finger or arm and affects blood flow and normal growth

It is important to seek help early with a hand surgeon or specialist in order to determine the appropriate treatment process needed for a child born with a hand deformity. Depending on the specific deformity and the degree of the deformity, there are many treatment options available.